Episode 96: Solo Trailer!

Join Tim, Andrea, and Jared in this fun episode as they talk about:

  • The Solo Trailer
  • Han and Lando in the Trailer
  • Andrea and the Trailer Music
  • We Miss Mark
  • Ewok Hunt
  • Sabaac Game


We really had a lot of fun in this episode, and we hope you all have a great time with us as well.  Oh, and by the way, contact us for our upcoming 100th episode!  You can EMAIL | TWEET | or CALL/TEXT us at 346-800-2187!

Episode 95: The Truth and The Future

In this episode, Jared, Tim, and Mark discuss the following awesome stuff about Star Wars:

  • A Look Back at the Modern Era of Star Wars
  • Princess Streep?
  • Edtherm Scissorhandpunch
  • Nostalgia in Entertainment Today
  • The Future of the New Characters

And, as always, feel free to contact us for our next episode!


Episode 94: Mark Is Sorry

Here it is, Episode 94.  And, just so you know…Mark is sorry.

Listen in on this episode, as Andrea and Tim listen to Mark apologize for his conversations with Jared, as well as:

  • Solo Reports
  • Mark and Jared Comic Stuff
  • The Best Part of the Rebels Finale
  • Mark and Jared Comic Stuff
  • Open-World Star Wars Game?
  • Mark and Jared Comic S

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