Welcome to Podcast2187.com!

Hello and welcome to our website!

Wow, we are so excited to be bringing this to you.  To help you get accustomed to what we have here on the website, here’s a quick guide to what you can find at Podcast2187.com!

Under the Home tab, you’ll find all of our most recent articles — including show news, giveaways, celebrity guests, and more.

On the Episodes tab, you’ll find all of our episodes ready for listening!  At the top is our newest one, and you can listen to it immediately after release right here on our website!

Next is the Live tab.  When you click this, it will take you straight to our website where, when we broadcast a live episode, you will be able to listen to us!  Please note that we used to use Mixlr for our live shows but have had to change services to this new service.

Now we are at the Store tab.  This will also take you from our website to the external store.  Now right now we don’t have too much there yet, but stay tuned and keep checking in as we add more content!

Finally, we have the contact tab.  If you hover your mouse over it, you will see that you can select either “contact” or “feedback form”.  The contact page is where you’d go if, well, you want to contact us.  However, if you would like to provide some feedback for us about the show or anything else, please go right ahead and use the feedback form.

And that’s about it!  We will definitely be adding more and more to this website, but right now we are ready to go and wanted to share it with you.  Thank you for stopping by and hopefully we’ll see you around!