Episode 112: Star Marvel Wars

Join with Tim, Mark, and Jared in this episode as they get to discussing Star Wars: Resistance, if Star Wars can follow the Marvel Disney Streaming model, (and of course who knows what else).  Also, there was a last-minute technical issue with Tim’s microphone, so apologies in advance for the poor quality of his voice.  Fortunately, he doesn’t talk much, so you won’t have to hear the low-quality too much.  Also, hey you, contact us.  K bye.

Episode 111: And We’re Back

Join Mark, Jared, and Tim in this new episode as they discuss recent Star Wars happenings, such as the newest cast members to Episode IX!  Plus, we get to some story point thinking for the next film, and a whole bunch of other catching up we needed to do.  We’re back and there’s nothing you can do to stop it!

Episode 108: About This Favreau Show

Join Mark, Jared, and Tim in this episode as they discuss the latest rumors about the upcoming Jon Favreau Star Wars TV show!  Our discussion includes the latest rumors, what’s old is new again, a concept for the future of this TV show, and more!  Also, we’d love to hear from you!  Contact us by any of our methods of communication (email. text, call, tweet) and we’ll include your thoughts on the show.



Episode 107: IX News!

In this episode, Mark, Jared, and Tim discuss the new cast announcement for Episode IX, a potential filming location, some early plot thoughts, and much more as always!  We’d also love to hear from you, whether by text, email, phone call, or DM (346-800-2187, Contact@Podcast2187.com, or twitter @Podcast2187)!


Episode 105: If Tim Can Be Weird, I Can Be Weird

Join Mark and Jared in this episode (and an alternate version of Tim) as they get to talking about the following:

  • Billy Dee Williams in Star Wars Episode IX
  • Resistance Update
  • How Well Do We Know The Force Awakens?
  • Finish the Quote from Return of the Jedi!

Thank you for listening.  If you made it to the end of this one, we appreciate your spirit.


Episode 104: Star Wars Offseason

Join Andrea, Tim, Mark, and Jared in this episode as they discuss the following:

  • Status of the spinoff films?
  • JJ Abrams’ creative room for IX
  • Thrawn and Darth Anakin
  • Oh, and also some Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom talk

Contact us and give us your thoughts on Star Wars for the next show!  You can either email, call, or text us!  Even tweet if you’d rather! Continue reading