Episode 107: IX News!

In this episode, Mark, Jared, and Tim discuss the new cast announcement for Episode IX, a potential filming location, some early plot thoughts, and much more as always!  We’d also love to hear from you, whether by text, email, phone call, or DM (346-800-2187, Contact@Podcast2187.com, or twitter @Podcast2187)!


Episode 101: Last Thoughts Before Solo

Join Andrea, Jared, Mark, and Tim in this last episode before the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story!  We get to discuss what we do want to see in the film, what we don’t, a couple generic thoughts that have been floating around, and more!  Oh yeah, and we take some of your questions as well.

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Episode 99: Infinity Star Wars

Join Mark, Tim, Andrea, and Jared in this episode as they discuss the latest in Star Wars, such as:

  • May the 4th
  • Solo Tickets
  • New Movie Clip
  • Star Wars and Marvel
  • Some Infinity War Talk

Oh, and for the record, next week is going to be Episode 100.  Yeah.  So if there are any thoughts on anything in life that you have, send it our way by any of our methods of communication.  Want to call or text?  Send it to 346-800-2187.  Email? Send it to Contact@podcast2187.com.  Tweet?  Well, that’ll be @Podcast2187.  We thank you and appreciate you in advance.  Also, you rock.  But only if you contacted us.